'Au 'a 'Ia: Designing & Building the Set

Stephanie, Leigh, and Shawna discuss the basic ideas for the set and how it will function with the planned performances.

This crude model shows the various elements of the set and where they will be located on stage.
The day of dress rehersal. Many workers were required to stuff brown paper bags with newspaper and attach them to a chicken wire back. This photo shows the spraying of the paper bags to transform them into lava rocks.
Here you can see the risers that create different levels and performance platforms at the back of the stage. The lava rocks shown here are painted on flat cardboard.
The central staff is up now and the risers are done.
The final product. The paper bag lava rocks can be seen in front to cover the stage skirt. Ferns were placed into the bags. The overall effect was to be that of a heiau.

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