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Our Mission

Hula On! Productions and Halau Hula Na Pua O Ka La'akea (The Many Flowers of the Sacred Light that Brings Good Things Throughout the Day) was formed in March of 1996 by its Creative Director, Kumu Hula Shawna Kealameleku'uleialoha Ngum Alapa’i.

We believe that Hula is all that we see, hear, feel, smell, touch and taste. In other words, Hula is life! By sharing this rich philosophy through Hula, we can touch our community in a unique and engaging way. Our ancestors, who saw beauty in all that surrounded them, inspire this philosophy of our Halau (school).

In the days of old Hawai'i acknowledgement of and gratitude for daily life was celebrated in the form of mele (chants), which also served as a means to recognize the great attributes and accomplishments of our Ali'i (royalty). With no written language this rich and extensive oral tradition lead to the birth of Hula and it's importance in the survival of the Hawai'ian culture.

Today more than ever, we feel the importance of this need to preserve the culture and to pass on the rich history, deep knowledge and life awareness of the Hawai'ian of yesterday, to the community of today. In order to accomplish this mission, Hula On! Productions and Halau Hula Na Pua O Ka La'akea will organize and present various community events in the Marin area on an annual basis. The events will exhibit Hula in all its many forms, and will allow the audience/community to actively engage fully in the cultural experience.

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